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And Away We Go: Some Photos From The Erin Andrews GQ Photo Spread Appear On New York Daily News Site

05_Flatbed_2 - AUGUST

Just wanted to get a quick post up before the whole internet erupts into a chaotic shitstorm: photos from the Erin Andrews shoot and a brief excerpt from an interview for an upcoming issue of GQ appeared last night on the website of the New York Daily News. Here’s their take on the photos:

Surrounded by beefy gridiron grunts in equally muddy attire, Andrews, 31, posed like one of the boys in a sweaty locker room wearing smeared grease paint under her eyes.

Cleaned up for another shot, Andrews, voted “America’s Sexiest Sportscaster” by Playboy Magazine, stands atop a Gatorade cooler in a thigh-high skirt with a mic in her hands.

05_Flatbed_2 - AUGUST

Interesting? Certainly. Provocative? Somewhat. Sexy? Sort of. Exploitative? Not at all.

Nevertheless, there will be factions out there that will suggest that by simply doing a photo spread like this Erin Andrews somehow deserves all the negative attention she receives, up to and including suffering the indignity of having her privacy violated when she was filmed in her hotel room.

In fact, some conspiracy theorists will suggest (some have already) that everything that has happened over the past month has been a carefully-orchestrated plan set in motion by her “people” to advance her career outside the realm of sports.

On the other hand, there will be people who are happy that Andrews is moving on with her life and is not going to let others control her life and her career through their inappropriate and illegal actions.

Consider me in the latter group.

Erin Andrews in ‘dirty’ photos – knowingly – for GQ spread on ESPN college football reporter [New York Daily News]