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If He Wasn’t Giving The Cocaine To His Horse, I Don’t See The Big Deal


Jockey Norberto (Norby!) Arroyo, Jr. was arrested Sunday morning in Saratoga Springs, New York for cocaine possession.

Saratoga Springs police say jockey Norberto Arroyo Jr. has been charged with possessing and intending to sell cocaine after he was found with about 12 grams of the drug during a traffic stop.

They say the 33-year-old from Winthrop, Mass., was pulled over Sunday morning a few blocks from Saratoga Race Course, where he’s been riding during the six-week racing season that began July 29.

Twelve grams? That’s a lot of blow, man. But like I said above, who cares if the jockey is snorting lines – as long as the horse is clean I don’t see how this affects anything as far as racing is concerned. Further, can you imagine how much of a pain in the ass it would be to do coke with a horse? You would totally get screwed over with those big nostrils they have and the fact they would probably use a garden hose or some crazy shit for a snoot tube.

And I don’t see why they arrested him – it’s not like cocaine is illegal or anything. That’s what one cop told me years ago. Well, I don’t know if he was a cop, but he looked a lot like Ponch from CHiPs and was wearing a uniform and that’s usually good enough for me.

He totally screwed me over on the deal, too. Said his name was Erik but I think that was just an alias or something.

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