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I Told You This Wasn’t Over…


Let the speculation begin again. In a report from the Vikings training camp, the usually balls-on accurate Jay Glazer of Fox Sports  states that after visiting with personnel and others within the Vikings organization, it’s not a matter of if, it’s simply a matter of when Brett Favre will join the Vikings.

Now, first off, this is not one of those “ has learned …” news scoops. Instead, it’s a picture that has been painted for me and a prediction I’m making after spending my time with Zygi Wilf’s squad. My prediction couldn’t be more emphatic.

After visiting the Vikings for two days, I am convinced — positively convinced — that Brett Favre will soon have talks with the Vikings to return to the team and could be joining them for this season after all. If my instincts are correct, all those purple Favre jerseys will have a home on Minnesota store shelves.

Newsworthy? Usually I would say no – it’s speculation at best – but Glazer’s track record for accuracy is so impeccable (especially when compared to the jocksniffers over at tWWL) it’s difficult to simply cast this off and dismiss it as some guy just going with his gut instinct.

Glazer comes up with a list of four factors that lead him to believe it’s not too late for Favre to join the Vikings:

  • Exhibit A) Acceptance within the team that it’s pretty much already done.

When I say nearly everyone I talked to on the team is convinced he’s coming, that is not an exaggeration. People from all walks of life within the organization talk about it as if it’s no secret, almost an afterthought.

“I’m telling you it’s already done,” said one Viking. “Right after the Indy game (first preseason game). I don’t think anyone here doesn’t think that.”

Another Viking said, “I don’t know if it’s done, but I think he’ll be in by the third preseason game.”

  • Exhibit B) Favre has not closed the door on his decision.
  • Exhibit C) Best available option.
  • Exhibit D) Favre hates camp.

There isn’t much one can find fault with in Glazer’s reasoning, in particular the fourth and final exhibit. The only way I see this playing out any differently is if either Sage Rosenfels or Tarvaris Jackson blow the doors off the offense and dominate. And no one who has any sense sees that happening anytime soon.

Speaking as a Vikings fan, just end this shit already. Either come in or disappear. Speaking as a blogger, just end this shit already. Either come in or disappear.

Oops. I just repeated myself there, didn’t I? Odd.

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