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There’s Some Heavy Stuff That John Daly Can Only Express With An Acoustic Guitar In His Hands


Before we get to the good stuff, I have some bad news to lay on you: John Daly has withdrawn from the PGA Championships due to the back injury I mentioned yesterday. From Devil Ball Golf:

Thursday’s round appeared to be a bumpy but decent one; after a birdie at the par-3 16th, Daly stood at two over. But then two straight double bogeys dropped him to a 78, and he left the course without speaking publicly. He later posted on his Twitter feed that a long-running injury, sustained three years ago when he tried to stop his swing upon hearing a camera’s shutter whir, had flared up again. And then he was done.

What a shame. The tournament just got a little less interesting without John’s presence. Here’s to a quick recovery for Daly so he can return to the course and become the most interesting guy on the Tour.

Now, the fun stuff. After withdrawing from the tournament, Daly had the time to release his new single, “Lost Soul” on Twiturm (embedded media player after the jump). Let me tell you, it’s something else. As Jay mentioned over on Devil Ball Golf, the acoustic intro might be the most blatant rip-off of the chord progression from “Every Rose Has Its Thorn” in history, but that just makes it that much more awesome. Or hilarious. Take your pick.

It’s certainly not the most uplifting of songs, but how could it be with this opening verse?

I lost my mom
A few years ago
Dad pulled a gun on me on July 4th
And my wife had to go to the pen
Just found out
I lost my best friend
I’m a lost soul
I’m a-growin’ old
I’m a lost soul
On this lonely road ahead
I’m a lost soul

(holding lit lighter)

Oh dear. After listening to “Lost Soul” I’m a little bit worried about the guy. Please take care of yourself, John.

And rest assured, it only gets more depressing from there. Raising kids on his own, living on the edge, tough times – it’s all in there.

♪♪I’m a lost soul and I’m growin’ old, I’m a lost soul…♪♪

That song is going to be stuck in my head all friggin’ day now. Damn you, John Daly.

John Daly drops out of PGA tourney, releases new power ballad [Devil Ball Golf]