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Hair-Pulling Is Not Going To Help Soccer Shed Its Image As A Wussy Sport


First off, it is not my contention that soccer is a wussy sport. In fact, I believe the opposite to be the case. I am merely pointing out that a lot of people (especially in the United States) have the perception that soccer is a less-than-manly sport, and this sort of stuff is only going to help confirm their inaccurate attitudes.

Franco Costanzo, goalkeeper for FC Basel, was previously fined by the team and now has been suspended for three matches for pulling the hair of teammate “Ain’t Too Proud To” Beg Ferati (/Bermanism – ugh – shoot me now) while the two argued immediately following a match with rival FC Zurich last Sunday.

Costanzo grabbed the hair of teammate Beg Ferati and wrestled with him after a heated exchange of words as the teams left the St. Jakob Park pitch. He blamed the defender for poor marking when Zurich took an 87th-minute lead.

One player pulling another player’s hair like a bratty 10-year-old girl is certainly not the most masculine of moves, but I say that guy should get a friggin’ haircut. If you can pull a man’s hair, it’s too long.

Goddamn hippies.

Video, courtesy of Sports Rubbish, after the jump.

Now, if Constanzo would have grabbed the back of Ferati’s head only so he could drag it down as he lifted up his knee for a vicious face-splattering, that would have been acceptable. But just hair-pulling? Nah, that shit don’t fly, man.

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