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The Morning Bowl (August 13th): Bronson Arroyo Puts More Things In His Body Than A Performance Artist In Tijuana

bowl-smoking• Bronson Arroyo don’t give a fuck about anything, including making good music. [Deadspin]

• Bobby Big Wheel’s season preview of the New York Giants. [Style Points]

• The Top 10 next states in the relationship between Brady Quinn and Derek Anderson. [Five Tool Tool]

• Speaking of which, here’s a comprehensive look at the whole Quinn-Anderson controversy. [Bootlegger Sports]

• A look at a bunch of wacky baseball hairdos. [More Hardball]

• Not surprising in the least, but Avoiding the Drop has the best recap of the U.S.-Mexico soccer match that I have read. [Avoiding the Drop]

• Versus is debuting a sports business program this month. It better not interfere with rodeo coverage. [Awful Announcing]