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Jamie Moyer’s Feelings Got Hurt


Amid the buzz surrounding Pedro Martinez’s first start for the Phillies tonight against the Cubs, there is some somber news to report: 84-year-old pitcher Jamie Moyer is not happy with his demotion to the bullpen that occurred when Martinez took Moyer’s spot in the rotation. Via The700Level:

“I’m really not happy with this decision that the Phillies have made,” he said, sitting in the stands behind the first-base dugout. “I will take what they’ve asked me to do, but I’m not really excited about the decision that has been made. Ultimately, I’m a little dishearted because this past winter when I was negotiating with the Phillies this was a sore thumb, if you will, about this potentially happening.

Not happy? You know what I’m not happy about, Mr. Moyer? Shelling out eight bucks to watch you half-ass your way through Ernest Goes To Jail. It was blatantly obvious you signed on to do the sequel solely for the paycheck. Whatever happened to artistic integrity?

No kidding? They’re not the same person? And the guy who played Ernest has been dead for years now? Huh. Well you coulda fooled me, Vern.

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