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I Cannot Wait To Get My Hands On Jennie Finch’s Pro-Mounds


Olympic gold medal-winning softball player Jennie Finch has signed on with Massachusetts-based company ProMounds Inc. to be the spokesperson for one of their products.

I haven’t read the article (who has the time for that?), but with a name like ProMounds, this product obviously has something to do with breast augmentation, and I think that’s just really sad. Finch is an incredibly-attractive young lady and the fact that she’s going to shill for some boob job company clearly illustrates how our culture is obsessed with image and outward appearances, not what’s on the inside.

(reads article)

Huh. Well I’ll be damned. Apparently, ProMounds, Inc. is in the baseball product business and Ms. Finch is partnering up with the company on a gadget called The Jennie Finch Powerline Pitching Mat.

The Jennie Finch Powerline Pitching Mat, which retails online for $215 through the company’s subsidiary, On Deck Sports, features a power line to keep a player’s pitching motion consistent and a slide-proof backing that ensures a safe training session on any surface.

Well, that’s good to hear. Because as far as I can tell, Jennie Finch’s breasts are like Baby Bear’s porridge – just right. Take a gander at Goldilocks yourself.



Looks good to me. And although it’s certainly not as sexy as a product designed to increase breast size, Finch regularly uses the pitching mat herself.

“I can carry the mat wherever I go and know I’ll always have a realistic surface for practice,” said Finch, who captured national fame at the University of Arizona, propelling the Wildcat women’s softball team to the NCAA Women’s College World Series in each of her four years, winning the championship in 2001.

And believe me, you always want a realistic surface for “practice.” That’s why I always keep a fresh batch of bagels and softened butter on hand.

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