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He Finally Did It: Hank Goldberg Ate Chris McKendry


I always feared this day would come but hoped it wouldn’t come to this. Hammerin’ Hank Goldberg, ESPN’s resident NFL and horse racing handicapper, finally ensured that if he couldn’t have Chris McKendry, no one would. You can almost see her in there, struggling to get out. Tragic.

Sadly, this seemed destined to happen from the beginning. I remember enjoying the chemistry the two shared as they casually flirted on Sunday morning SportsCenters during the NFL season when Goldberg would make his picks and ESPN had the intelligence to showcase their most charming and talented female anchor.

But now it is not to be – forever. Hank, the savvy gambler that he is, knew the cards were stacked against him and that the only thing for him to do was go all-in and consume the lovely sports anchor. I have been wondering where Chris McKendry has been recently. Now I know the horrible truth.

Shame on you, Hank Goldberg. Shame on you for how your selfishness has deprived the world of our Chris McKendry.


Chris McKendry (1968 - 2009)

Just one last look back at the wonderful woman as she was – full of life, grace and an undying love for marijuana humor.

May she rest in peace – after she is fully digested and returned to the earth from which she came.

[Photo of Goldberg the Hutt courtesy of Flickr]