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Patrick Kane’s Late Night Cabbie Beating Gives One Entrepreneur A Great Idea


It’s all about timing in the cut-throat business of t-shirt merchandising, just ask Snorg Tees. Well, the big boys are a step behind oneĀ  eBay entrepreneur, etherproject, as he (or she) appears to be the first person to swoop in and take advantage of the sticky situation Patrick Kane finds himself in after he and his cousin were charged “with second-degree robbery, fourth-degree criminal mischief and theft of services” in connection with $0.20 change during a cab ride gone horribly wrong in Buffalo over the weekend.

“Dropping the gloves on high prices” is brilliant due to its simplicity. Unfortunately, it appears that the sale of the t-shirts (for only $15) abruptly ended early yesterday evening after only 30 shirts were sold. Whether these 30 shirts are to become collector’s items or etherproject elects to seize the moment and press more shirts and make a buttload of money remains to be seen, but for now, let us all just enjoy a humorous take on an unfortunate situation.

Because that’s how we do it in the blogosphere, right? We’re just a bunch of mean-spirited, no-talent hacks, I tell you – but who would want it any other way? I’ll tell you who: the terrorists.

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