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OMG!! Mike Tyson Cut The Hair Of One Of The Jonas Brothers!1!!11!


Total Pro Sports

The hearts of thousands of girls probably skipped a beat during the Teen Choice Awards (is this the one where celebrities get slimed like You Can’t Do That On Television? There are way too many of these shows now) last night when Mike Tyson cut the hair of one of those Jonas Brothers bastards. Because when I think Teen Choice Awards, I think of a) Miley Cyrus pole-dancing (I’m sorry, that’s inappropriate!); b) Twilight, whatever the hell that is; and c) Mike Tyson cutting some kid’s hair. Obviously, I didn’t catch the show – I was watching a documentary on the Hundred Years’ War on PBS porn.

Thankfully – not so much with the first one (/no pervo) – all three of those things happened last night. Although I am somewhat confused as to why Mike Tyson, of all people, was chosen to cut Joe Jonas’ hair (or was it Tito? Jermaine? I get those Jonas Brothers mixed up all the time – my Teen Beat subscription expired years ago). It’s just that handing Tyson a pair of scissors seems like a bad idea to me, but I suppose with these teen sensations, you have to try every gimmick in the book. Before you know it, the Jonas Brothers will be forgotten as they fade into Bolivian.

Video of said hair-cutting after the jump.

Meh. Needs more earlobe-shredding for my tastes.

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