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Tony Dungy: Former NFL Coach, Community Activist, All-Around Good Guy, Michael Vick’s Pimp?

tony-dungypimpOh yeah, and notorious hater of homos. Musn’t forget about that one.

Tony Dungy, as head roadie for the Michael Vick Redemption Tour, recently stated that he has spoken with “quite a few” NFL coaches about Michael Vick.

During Sunday night’s NBC broadcast of the Hall of Fame game, Dungy said, “I’ve talked to quite a few coaches who want to get my thoughts on where (Vick) is.”

Dungy says Vick has talked to several teams. Dungy says he believes the former Falcons’ quarterback will be with a team before training camp ends.

I’m sorry, Coach Dungy, but simply by inquiring as to “where (Vick) is” doesn’t necessarily mean they are interested in him. People ask me all the time where in the hell my mind is and that doesn’t mean they give a shit about my brain or want to hire it to run their offense.

Man, that last statement didn’t even make any sense whatsoever. See? Now I don’t even know where my brain took off to – it’s got a mind of its own, I tell you.

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