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The Morning Bowl (August 10th): You Know, Tom Mees Might Still Be Alive If He Had One Of These

bowl-smoking• The scoop on Port-o-Pong, the world’s only inflatable beer pong table. [Sharapova’s Thigh]

• Some guys named T-Pain and Pittbull (who?) are the “musicians” behind a new Miami Dolphins fight song. Goddamn, it’s terrible. To be fair, I’m a bit behind the times – I don’t think there has been a decent album made since Boz Scaggs’ greatest hits album. [With Leather]

• It wouldn’t be Monday without a review of the weekend by The Frat Guy. [Style Points]

• General Tao weighs in on the Patrick Kane arrest. If he would have just drunk and drove like every other professional athlete, Kane wouldn’t be in this mess. [Food Court Lunch]

• Jay Marriotti is heading back to the newspaper business. Sweet. [Awful Announcing]

• Being a man of his word, watch video of Steelers fan Christmas Ape burning his Terrible Towel. And then head over to Deadspin to read an excerpt of his book, <i>The Football Fan’s Manifesto</i>.  After that, go buy the friggin’ book. Do I have to tell you guys everything? [Kissing Suzy Kolber]