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In A Stunning Display Of Douchebaggery, Dan Patrick Gives Himself His “Got It Done” Award


Apparently, Dan Patrick, co-host of NBC’s Football Night in America, host of the radio program The Dan Patrick Show and senior writer for Sports Illustrated, has a weekly bit on where pays tribute to a person in the sports world who had a particularly strong week with a “Got It Done Award.” For instance, the recipient of the award two weeks ago was Rickey Henderson, due to the humility Rickey displayed during his Hall of Fame induction sppech. And speaking of humility (or lack thereof), Patrick, showing a disturbing amount of self-importance, elected to showcase what a great husband and father he is by giving himself this week’s “Got It Done Award.” Why? Because he went camping with his family.

But for the first time this year, Dan had to pick himself for the Got It Done Award. Dan spent the weekend camping with his family. For anyone who’s ever done that, you know why Dan chose himself.

He also bought his wife a new trailer and it’s supposedly tricked out. Not bad DP.

Jesus Christ, what an incredibly insufferable dickbag. Evidently, we’re supposed to be in awe of Patrick because he selflessly took time out of his hectic schedule of annoying the shit out of everyone that comes into contact with him to spend a couple nights in a “tricked out” camper (which, incidentally, does not constitute camping, by the way) with his stupid family. Imagine that he actually had to speak to his children (no eye contact!) and sleep with his battle axe of a wife (she’s suffocating him, people! Don’t you understand?) while they “roughed it” in a camper, which probably came equipped with Tempur-Pedic mattresses with 1,000 thread-count Egyptian cotton sheets.

Therefore, I am handing out the Sportress of Blogitude’s first-ever “Profile in Douchebaggery” award to Dan Patrick. I’m sure many more will follow – maybe even another one to Dan Patrick – the football season is almost upon us.

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