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Charles Barkley Doesn’t Understand Why Michael Phelps Can’t Smoke Dope In Peace


Undoubtedly the best quote in professional sports right now (and for going on years now) is Charles Barkley. During an interview on ESPN Radio in Dallas, Chuck came out swinging regarding the Michael Phelps/Bongate controversy and how it interplays with what he refers to as the “Jackass Generation” (via Game On!):

“It’s the jackass generation. You got every little nitwit walking around with a cell phone trying to catch you in a compromising position. I mean, my man Michael Phelps can’t even smoke no dope with his friends. If you can’t smoke with your friends, who the hell can you smoke with? I’m not here trying to be this or this, I’m just telling you: My man’s smoking dope with his friends and one of his friends sells him out. That’s the generation we live in now. It is what it is.”

Fantastic answer. And completely true.

Next, Barkley rails on Eagles fans who don’t give Donovan McNabb any credit:

“I don’t think Donovan McNabb has ever got the credit in Philadelphia that he deserves… This guy has been nothing but great: he took them to four straight NFC Championship games, took them to one Super Bowl, he didn’t win it, but he took them to four straight NFC Championship games and a Super Bowl, and this guy is not revered in Philadelphia and it pisses me off.”

Damn straight.

Finally, Barkley opines on hot schoolteachers and why Tony Romo should date one of them:

“You know what’s scary? I do a lot of speaking at schools, when did these teachers become hot? I gotta tell you something, when I go and speak at these schools now, I’m like: ‘Oh, my God.’ ‘Cause where I’m from in a small town in Alabama, we only had one teacher who was under the age of 90, and we all had a crush on her. Now I go speak at these schools, there’s like ten teachers that are like really hot. I’m like, ‘Are you kidding me?’ What the hell happened to teachers? That’s what Tony should do: he should work out a deal and just go to different schools in Dallas and speak until you find him a really hot one.”

Awesome. Keep ’em coming, Mr. Barkley. Why are people like George Lopez getting late night talk shows and not this guy?

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