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SI Writer Ross Tucker Enjoys Kissing Peter King’s Ass


Peter King, pictured above in a Ferris Bueller-esque pose, now has a protege at SI and his name is Ross Tucker. A former NFL offensive lineman now writing for Sports Illustrated, Tucker had the honor of joining King on his training camp tour over the past week and Tucker is absolutely gushing with admiration for the man. In fact, he was so impressed with the awesomeness of Peter King that he devoted the top of his mailbag column to profess his man crush.

Here are just a few nuggets from Tucker’s “Learning from the Best” column.

It was an honor and a privilege to spend a week on the road with him. It really was. He gave me so much advice about the media in general and journalism in particular that I will be forever grateful. Better yet, he included me every time it was possible and, because of that, I now have started to form a lot of relationships that should serve me well as I venture forward. My only hope is that we can do it again next year and maybe make it an extended run. It was really that fun.

He has fans … and lots of them. Especially for a writer. So many people know him from either his writing, radio, or television work that traveling with him is like being with a movie star. OK, maybe just a television sitcom star.

Boy, if Turner had his nose any further up King’s ass he could tell us which of King’s molars have fillings in them. Sheesh.

In case you weren’t aware of this fact since King never brings it up in his columns, Tucker also mentions King’s love of Starbucks. But do you know what King loves almost as much as Starbucks? Minor league baseball.

A close second to Starbucks is minor league baseball. I went to more minor league baseball games this past week than I had been to in five years. I mean, the guy would rather watch 17-year old rookies playing short season A ball than sleep, even if he has only had 12 hours of shut-eye in the previous three days.

So, Peter King gets off on watching teenage boys run around and exercise? Got it. Nothing creepy about that.

Finally, Peter King has strange sounding gas.

Which is scary but not as much as the fact that he sounds like a dog when he belches, which I think is intentional … “Rufffff”. But other than that, he is a pretty amiable guy.

Man, he does sound awesome. Is it too late to start a Peter King Fan Club?

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