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Rich Gannon Should Stop Talking


Someone gave this guy a Sirius radio show? Rich Gannon, perhaps experiencing from some residual effects of a concussion he suffered as player, came out on his show and essentially said that Tony Romo is a better quarterback than Donovan McNabb. Via the Dallas Cowboys Blog:

“Tony Romo ahead of Donovan McNabb, it’s by just a hair. I think that Donovan McNabb is a solid player in Philadelphia. I think he certainly gives them the best chance to win. Remarkable run, all those championship games that they’ve been to. But they haven’t gotten over the hump and that’s the thing that concerns me a little bit.”

Wait. What? If I have to pick which player is a better overall quarterback, I’m going with the guy who has ACTUALLY WON A FUCKING PLAYOFF GAME DURING HIS CAREER. How man games that really count has Romo won? Zero. Nada. Zilch. Until Romo does, he isn’t even in the same stadium as Donovan McNabb.

But there is a method to his madness. Gannon has an idea or two about why Romo is now the superior quarterback in the NFC East.

“I think now that he’s dumped Jessica Simpson, he’s got the golf clubs in the closet, he’s able to focus, he’s got rid of T.O., I look for him to have a great year, absorb and take on more of that leadership with the Cowboys. I just think he’s got the best skills of all those quarterbacks. … He’s a great competitor. He’s got a little bit of that gunslinger mentality like Brett Favre. He’s willing to take chances. I really think he’s probably going to have his best year in the absence of T.O.”

Hasn’t Romo played in about 50 celebrity golf tournaments this offseason? And is Gannon arguing that the reason Romo has struggled is because of other players on the Cowboys, T.O. in particular? It’s not Romo’s fault that the Cowboys have fucked the dog last season and missed the playoffs?

But on the other hand, is Gannon implying by his statements that McNabb is the only reason the Eagles haven’t “gotten over the hump”?

Shut up, Rich Gannon. Just shut up.

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