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Kyle Orton Does His Best “Kyle Orton: Crappy NFL Quarterback” Impression, Gets Promptly Booed


The Denver Broncos fans couldn’t have been surprised, could they? 13,402 Broncos fans, the largest crowd ever to watch the Broncos practice, lustily-booed their brand spanking-new quarterback Kyle Orton after throwing two picks.

Orton, who also was jeered when he threw behind wide receiver Chad Jackson, said afterward it was the crowd’s prerogative to let the Broncos know how they felt.

Yeah, probably not the way Orton would have preferred starting things off with his new team, but to be fair, fans must be pretty surly and fed up with the direction of the organization if they are booing the damn punter and kicker as well.

The crowd also booed punter Brett Kern for a pair of poor punts and also let kicker Matt Prater have it for missing consecutive 43-yard field goal attempts at the end of the scrimmage.

Ouch. As a fan of a team in the NFC North and watching first-hand Orton stink it up over the past few years, methinks it might be a long season in Denver. At least they don’t have have that simply dreadful Mike Shanahan as coach anymore.

I guess I could be wrong and perhaps the Broncos faithful will temper their expectations and be somewhat realistic about the upcoming season…

“We’re optimistic that he got all of his bad throws out tonight,” [fan] Patrick Sullivan said. “I’m glad it was practice.”


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