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Jeff Sergio Garcia Is Such A Jerk He Can Treat Fans Like Crap From Three Hundred Yards Away


I have never been a fan of Sergio Garcia. In fact, I downright hate him – at least as much as you can hate a person you have never met. He comes off as so arrogant and egotistical that I find it suprising that one of his fellow golfers on Tour havent smacked that smamry look off his face.

Nevertheless, if there’s video out there of a professional golfer’s shot nailing someone in the gallery, you will find it on the Sportress.

Here is Sergio’s tee shot on the 8th yesterday, which he severely hooked right into the gallery.

Ouch! That’s gotta hurt.

I’m sure Sergio did something really classy like give the guy an autograph or something. Or instead Sergio possibly just tore into the poor sap and berated the guy for changing the trajectory of his shot.


[H/T Larry Brown Sports]