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Thank Goodness: Large Pizza At New Cowboys Stadium Will Only Cost $60, Not $90


Whew. That’s a relief. It had been originally reported that ordering a large pizza (with no toppings, mind you) in a luxury suite at Cowboys Stadium would put a $90 dent in your wallet (or purse, for you fancy boys – it’s not European, sissy). But thankfully, those initial reports were erroneous as it has been announced that it will only cost you the paltry sum of $60 – that’s three twenty dollar bills for you scoring at home. Apparently, that is the same cost as in old Cowboys Stadium, so that’s nice.

Think about the savings – although if you have the disposable income to be able to afford a luxury box in the first place, you’re probably wiping your ass with $100 bills anyway. Still, with that extra $30 in your pocket, you will be able to buy an 8 oz. beer and still have enough scratch left over to hire a couple of migrant workers to carry your lazy ass to your car after the game. Nice.

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