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Stuff To Tune In To And Zone Out On For August 6th


MLB Baseball. Boston Red Sox at New York Yankees. I’m not certain of the exact number, but I believe the Sox have beaten the Yankees in 45 straight games or something like that. [MLB Network, 7:00 ET]

NFL Football. Who’s No. 1? Tonight’s episode: “Best NFL Postseason Performances.” C’mon, NFL season, hurry up and get here. [ESPN, 8:00 ET]

Get caught up before the new fall schedule. Episodes of 30 Rock, Parks and Recreation and The Office followed up by a bonus episode of 30 Rock. Always solid programming. [NBC, 8:00 ET]

Basic cable movie of the night. Fight Club. I don’t care if it will be somewhat edited. I’d watch this flick on ABC Family. [AMC, 10:30 ET]