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Snoop Dogg Visited Ravens Training Camp


Snoop Dogg made a surprise visit to the Baltimore Ravens training camp today and was introduced to the media by Ray Lewis (video after the jump). Snoop called up Lewis yesterday to schedule the impromptu appearance and possibly to discuss what it’s like to beat a murder rap.

Snoop, accompanied by four bodyguards wearing suit and ties, was clearly impressed by the team.

“This is like a heavyweight boxing match whenever I see them play,” Snoop said after the workout, “and I wanted to come see it up close and personal, live and in high definition, to look at them and see what it feels like before they take battle.

“It’s real cool to come out and see them go to war, battling against each other … the preparation is so serious.”

For reals.Players were in awe of the legendary rapper, including fullback LeRon McClain, who said, “None of us woke up this morning saying Snoop was going to break us down today. It’s crazy, but it’s a great feeling.” Even head coach John Harbaugh was impressed by the D-O-Double-G.

“It was fun having Snoop out here,” Harbaugh said. “He had some insight into our receivers situation he wanted to share, so we took a couple of notes. It was fun.”

Afterward, belying his white boy image, Harbaugh sipped on some gin and juice and got spliffed with the rapper. Later, he jokingly told some assistant coaches to get up on “Deeeeeeez Nutz!!” Okay, maybe that didn’t happen, but later Harbaugh said that he was “down there woof-woofing with everybody else, just trying to keep the beat.”


Snoop wrapped up his day with the team by working the ladder.

“I was working on my footwork,” Snoop said. “I got my Chuck Taylors on, but I still know how to perform well. The DBs [defensive backs] tried to show me a few moves, but I had to show them a few moves.”

Indeed, agreed, proceed, Mr. Cordazar Calvin Broadus.

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