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Referee Gets Knockeddafuggout During Rugby Match

I seriously have no earthly idea what actually happens during a game of rugby – to me it just seems like a more organized form of Smear the Queer. By the way, do the kids call it Smear the Queer anymore? Or do they have to call it something more politically correct, like “Hurt the Homosexual (Not That There’s Anything Wrong With It)” or “Nail the Nancy Boy”? I guess neither of those names are politically correct at all, are they? I guess it’s back to sensitivity training for his hombre.

Anyway, to summarize: ref gets tripped up by a player for one team and as he tries to get up, he takes a vicious knee to the cranium by a member of the other team.

That is just oodles and oodles of awesome ultraviolence right there. Ouch.

Oh yeah, I hope the guy is okay and all that stuff.

[A great big H/T to the always excellent Punte over at With Leather]