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Awesome: Golden Tee 2010 Is Coming Soon! Ear-Bleedingly Terrible: The Golden Tee 2010 Theme Song


Who among us doesn’t like to head on down to the local watering hole to enjoy a a beer or twelve and play a couple games of Golden Tee?

For those of us who have spent way too much time and money playing Golden Tee over the years should be thrilled to learn that an updated 2010 version of the game is on the horizon.

Unfortunately, this fantastic news is tempered somewhat with something so disturbing, so wrong, so upsetting that it almost ruins the thrill: some d-bag named Ira Dean and his “band” have a theme song for GT10 and if you can make it through the entire 3:11 of the little diddy, you truly are a glutton for punishment.

Gah!! Holy friggin’ crap, what in the hell was that? What an awful, awful song. Granted, the game looks phenomenal but I am almost tempted to boycott its release solely on that pile of musical garbage.

I said almost tempted. Damn you, Golden Tee!

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