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Too Bad Kim Kardashian Ain’t Around To Grind Her Big Ass On His Knee And Make It All Better


Oh nos! Reggie Bush has had a setback with his injured left knee!

Bush left Saints practice on Wednesday morning and later returned with his knee wrapped in ice.

Bush discarded the ice after a while and continued to stand with the running backs, still wearing his jersey and shoulder pads, for the remainder of practice. But he did not participate in drills and looked stiff as he walked with a slight limp.

Man, talk about a rough couple of weeks for Reggie Bush. First, his long-term relationship with cumdumspter socialite Kim Kardashian came to an end and now this knee injury. Although I am worried about Bush, I am more worried about the Saints. Where are they going to find a running back to replace the 3.4 rushing average Bush provided for them last season when training camp has already started?

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