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The NFL Wants You To Smell Like Your Grandpa


Even these trying economic times are going to prevent the NFL from accumulating obscene amounts of money, particularly through corporate partnerships. Confirming this is the news that the NFL and the Proctor & Gamble Company are teaming up to make some of P&G’s goods the “official products” of the National Football League.

The big consumer products company says four of its brands, including Old Spice deodorant and Gillette shavers, will become “official products” of NFL locker rooms, and eight others can carry the NFL logo in retail marketing.

The deal also gives P&G marketing rights for the Super Bowl, online and the NFL Network on television.

So, given its status as the “official product of NFL locker rooms,” does that mean the players can only use Old Spice deodorant? Because I imagine Terrell Owens to be a Dry Idea roll-on kind of guy. There’s just something about him that strikes me as kind of fancy.

Further, and I am aware that Old Spice has made attempts to make its product more hip and happening to the younger consumer, but doesn’t the smell alone of Old Spice evoke memories of your drunken grandfather yelling racial epithets at people drinking at the VFW who aren’t even minorities?

Just me? Well, despite his obvious shortcomings and intolerance for people different from him, I miss Grandpa Joe. I can’t believe it already has been 10 years since he died in that car accident after he ran over all those people at that parade. But since it was a PETA parade, no one really seemed to care.

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