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Stuff To Tune In To And Zone Out On For August 5th


Major League Baseball. Boston Red Sox at Tampa Bay Rays. Can Evan Longoria once-again carry his team to victory over their division rivals? Does anyone really care? [ESPN, 7:00 ET]

Classic Tennis. 2004 U.S. Open Quarterfinal: Jennifer Capriati vs. Serena Williams. Tune in to see how much Serena’s ass has grown in the last five years. If that doesn’t interest you, see if you can buy some grass off Capriati – she’s got some good shit right now. [ESPN Classic, 9:00 ET]

Soccer. Barcelona at Seattle Sounders FC. Please tune in, Sounders owner Drew Carey could really use an ego boost. [ESPN2, 10:30 ET]

Live the moment you realized that you hate this fucking dickbag all over again. Tin Cup. Actually, it’s not that bad of a movie. Cheech Marin is funny, Rene Russo looks great, but watching Kevin Costner and Don Johnson compete in a smarmfest is way up there on the Douche-o-Meter. [The Golf Channel, 8:30 ET]