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Jay Glazer’s Tour Of NFL Training Camps Is Called “Glaze Across America”? Seriously?


Really, this is the best they could come up with? Apparently, Jay Glazer, NFL Insider extraordinaire, will be touring training camps and will document everything with “Camp Tweets,” reports, and much, much more all under the genius heading, Glaze Across America.

It isn’t my place to tell Fox Sports how to go about their business, but doesn’t “Glaze Across America” sound like the name of a porn site where a couple of dudes travel around the country in a Winnebago videotaping themselves giving facials to “horny, willing and shameless amateur sluts”?

And check out some of the names of the features:  Glaze Tracker (super slow motion video of facials – “Bam! Right in her eye!”), Glaze Gallery (with premium subscriptions only!) and Scoopage – well, I  have no idea what that would entail.

No, no, no. This is not right. Not right at all. Shame on you, Jay Glazer. But if anyone asks, I didn’t write this post — some Pot Versus Blow guy was behind it. Shit, I don’t want my ass kicked by some MMA-fighter guy.

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