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Detroit Native Charged With Sending Threatening Letters To Fellow Detroit Native Jerome Bettis


What the hell? Didn’t this guy know that Jerome Bettis was from Detroit? I thought that was common knowledge.

A criminal complaint filed Tuesday alleges Leon Desmond Barrett sent more than a dozen letters between December 2006 and April of this year to the Pro Football Hall of Fame, NFL commissioner Roger Goodell and the University of Notre Dame.

In some letters, the government says Barrett wrote he was getting ready to kill the former Steelers and Rams running back, as well as music performers Beyonce and Jay-Z.

Of course, Barrett denied the allegations, claiming instead that he has had a long-running dispute with Bettis, and sent letters to various people regarding it.

Yeah, whenever I have an issue with some person or another, the very first thing I do is write a letter to Beyonce to inform her about what is going on. For instance, when I was having some trouble with my cable company a couple of years ago, I wrote a letter to Beyonce and she responded to let me know about Direct TV and insisted that I let her “upgrade me.”

You know, that doesn’t sound right. Maybe that was just a commercial or something. I’m not quite sure.

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