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Stuff To Tune In To And Zone Out On For August 4th


Sweet merciful crap, there is jack shit on the television tonight for live sports (other than regional baseball coverage, of course). Let’s see what else is on the tube.

PGA Golf. Top 10: Sergio Garcia Headlines. I’m pretty confident 7 of the 10 have something to do with him being a total pretentious asshole. Just a guess. [The Golf Channel, 9:00 ET]

Classic Boxing. 1991: George Foreman vs. Evander Holyfield. Man, these guys are old. And yes, that is an incredibly astute observation, thank you very much. [ESPN Classic, 8:00 ET]

Far Out, Man. That’s Impossible: Death Rays and Energy Weapons. “Top-secret weapons; airplane-mounted laser cannons that can shoot down enemy nuclear missiles or aircraft.” I think just reading that totally blew my mind. [History, 10:00 ET]

The Old Standby. Four episodes of Famlily Guy followed by back-to-back episodes of The Office. I’m not a very intelligent person, but I’m pretty sure fall (and brand spanking new episodes) are coming pretty soon. Thank goodness. [TBS, 8:00 ET]