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Man, I Miss College

Since I’m just getting back into the flow here at the Sportress, let’s ease into the day like an old man into a nice warm bath and start off with a video, shall we?

Above is a video of some college dorks making some pretty impressive shots in a game they have fittingly named Dorm Golf. Although impressive to watch, one is left to wonder how many takes it took to get video of someone making these shots. Between playing dorm golf and their studies, you have to wonder if these guys had any time left over to participate in panty raids, build a housecleaning robot or teach poker to their Asian roommate. And what the fuck is a frush anyway? All I know is it doesn’t beat two sevens.

No, I didn’t live in the dorms when I went to college, I lived off-campus. Why do you ask? What do you mean campus life isn’t just like it was depicted in Revenge of the Nerds? Don’t tell me I’m going to have to sue those bastards at 20th Century Fox. Again. They can call my lawsuits frivolous all they want, but they cannot say there were any chariots or fire in Chariots of Fire.

[H/T The Sporting Blog via Devil Ball Golf]