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Do You Want To Have More Fun Drinking Water? Then CamelBak Is For You

camelbakDon’t you hate it when you find yourself thirsty during you’re annual workout (no, this time I do believe you – you’re going to hit it hard starting today) and you can’t bring yourself to take a drink of water from some boring, run-of-the-mill water bottle? If you’re like me, this happens far too often, which is never. But for those of you who do find yourself in this predicament, thank goodness CamelBak has got your, er, back.

According to very important research conducted by Dr. Holden McRae, which sounds like a made-up doctor’s name if I have ever heard one, people drank 24% more water out of the CamelBack water bottle, which I guess is a good thing if you want to drink more water.

Reasons ranged from “easier to use” to “more fun to drink from.” CamelBak’s BPA-free stainless steel and plastic bottles feature the familiar Big Bite Valve typically found at the end of the company’s reservoir bladders, making the 24-ounce Better Bottle similar to a sippy cup for grown-ups. When the bite valve is up, the mouthpiece and straw allow for spillproof, no-tip sipping. The mouth of the bottle is wide enough for ice cubes and easy cleanup after use.

Easier to use? Yeah, there really is nothing more complicated than unscrewing the cap to take a drink out of a conventional water bottle. Not a week goes by where you don’t hear about some guy ending up at the proctologist’s office after a water bottle-drinking mishap, but I guess it keeps the ass doctors in business, which is good – talk about idle hands, if you know what I mean.

And more fun to drink from? What’s up with that? “Whoooo! I’m telling you, man, you haven’t lived until you’ve taken a gulp of water out of a CamelBak. It’s extreme water drinking, brother!”

This simply goes to show that we as a society need to be constantly entertained, even while drinking water. If you want to make drinking water more fun, do what I do and replace the water in the bottle with some high quality vodka. Works every time, if I remember correctly, which I can’t.

I do, however, have one more problem with the CamelBak – the name. I get the reference and everything, but it seems to me the company could have set themselves up for much higher profits with the name I would have suggested:



Really, the advertising practically writes itself.

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