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Could Vick End Up In Green Bay?

Vick Football

Since the organization is more than familiar with dealing with quarterbacks that throw footballs to high school students, Green Bay Packers general manager Tommy Thompson stated he will not rule out bringing in Michael Vick.

Asked Tuesday about the possibility of signing Vick, Thompson said the team looks “at all options at all times” but didn’t want to speculate about the odds of the team actually pursuing him.

“We look at everything,” Thompson said.

Taking everything into account, this move could possibly make some sense. The Packers already have Aaron Rodgers entrenched at starting quarterback so Vick coming in would not create any quarterback controversy and bringing in someone with Vick’s playmaking ability would only enhance Green Bay’s average offense.

Plus, in Green Bay, as long as you help the team win, the fans there are willing to look the other way at indiscretions – take the case of Mark Chmura, for example. Sure, the alleged sexual assault happened after his playing days were over but he is still worshipped like a god in that city. And by worshipped like a god, I mean he is still invited to every high school kegger. Talk about leading a charmed life.

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