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At Least Roy Williams Knows That Everybody Thinks He Sucks


Sometimes being aware of a problem is the first step in attacking it. Hopefully for Cowboys fans, that is the case with wide receiver and Detroit Lions bust Roy Williams, who is well-aware how everybody feels about him:

“Everybody thinks I suck,” Williams said. “I just have something to prove.”

“I had 19 catches in 10 games last year, and they pay me X amount of money,” Williams said. “For a guy to catch 19 balls, I’m going to get tabbed that I suck.”

The trend of athletes admitting that they suck or are cognizant of the fact that everyone else thinks they suck is beginning to gain steam and I couldn’t be happier. Just last month, Kansas City Royals outfielder Jose Guillen conceded he was a terrible baseball player when he said, “Yes, I suck.” It’s high time these athletes take a page from other losers with no self-esteem or confidence and start beating themselves up over their shortcomings. Why should that character flaw be left solely to bloggers, cutters and chronic masturbators?

Of course, the fact that Williams is the biggest suck who has ever sucked is not solely his responsibility. Nope, Williams also attributes his shitty performance last season toTony Romo, who needed time to get to know Williams better, because you can’t catch a football thrown by a guy if you haven’t had them over to your house for some piping-hot delivered pizza.

On second thought, scratch the pizza delivery, Roy. Better make it a DiGiorno night.

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