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At 4:30 P.M. Eastern On Thursday, ESPN’s NFL Live Show Will Officially Jump The Shark


Be sure to set your TiVos, readers, because you will want to pinpoint the exact moment when Matt Millen officially ruins anything good that is left of ESPN’s NFL Live show. That’s right, Millen will join the stable of analysts when he makes his debut and joins fellow newcomer Herman Edwards and host Trey Wingo for the 4:30 and and 7:00 p.m. editions of the once informative and entertaining program.

Initial reports out of Vegas indicate the odds of Trey Wingo pulling a Budd Dwyer at 10:1, which I think is a little bit on the high side.

Millen will be a familiar face to football fans this season. For ESPN, he will serve as an NFL analyst, appearing on Monday Night Countdown from the site of each Monday night game, and a college football analyst, calling games on ABC alongside Sean McDonough. Additionally, Millen will be the lead analyst for NFL Network’s eight-game NFL coverage later this year.

Now hold on one second. Not only will Millen pollute the airwaves on the Worldwide Leader as he spews his ill-informed opinions regarding the NFL but we will also be forced to endure him during ABC’s college football coverage? No person in the history of mankind has made collosal failure such a lucrative endeavor.

Well, except for Kevin Costner, I guess. Except for his band Modern West, that is – that band really speaks to me – literally- I swear when I was rocking out to their album last night I heard some sort of subliminal message. I blacked out and when I woke up this morning Robin Hood: Prince of Theives was number one on my Netflix queue and Bryan Adams was crashed out on my couch which is weird because usually he sleeps on the futon in the attic.

Millen to debut on ESPN Thursday. [Sports Media Watch]