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Only Brett Favre Could Make Fun Of Brett Favre’s Indecisiveness Like This


Although you would think he would have more pressing issues to occupy his time, Brett Favre has teamed up with Sears and will be appearing in a commercial that will begin airing in September that will poke fun at Brett Favre’s inability to make a goddamn decision about anything. In the commercial, Brett is hemming and hawing about purchasing a high definition television. From prnewswire:

The TV spot, scheduled to air in early September, launches the Sears Blue Electronics Crew campaign, which includes print, events marketing, social media and public relations. The TV commercial features Favre agonizing over selecting a new LED television. The scene unfolds through a discussion between Favre and a member of the Sears Blue Electronics Crew (actor Brad Morris from “The Second City” comedy club in Chicago). The two banter as Favre is undecided on his decision about a Samsung LED TV. In one scene, Morris describes Sears “real time price checks – no regrets”(SM) – as a way to help guys who have a tough time making decisions. “You know the type, right?” Morris says. “Yeah, I hate those guys,” Favre quips.

Hoo boy! That’s funny stuff right there! Although I’m not sure how well this commercial will play in the Wisconsin market, but since most people living in America’s Dairyland think LED is some sort of hallucinogenic drug, I don’t think many of them will pay much attention to the ad.

On a side note, I can only imagine how hard it is for him to make up his mind about anything, let alone purchasing a television. Can you picture him trying to decide what he wants for breakfast? “Fried eggs or scrambled? Scrambled or fried? You know, I haven’t even considered poached. Hmmmm….”

(lunchtime rolls around)

“How about egg salad?”

To be honest, it is a fairly clever idea for a commercial but I’m surprised Favre elected to work with Sears, especially when you consider his association with Wrangler. If I remember correctly, Sears finds Wrangler jeans “too highbrow and cosmopolitan” for people who shop for clothes at their stores.

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