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Wake N’ Blog For July 23rd: Unwed Indian Girls To Plow Fields Naked In Hopes Of Bringing Rain

MLB Roundup. In case you have just been resurrected from the dead this morning, Mark Buehrle pitched a perfect game yesterday afternoon in Chicago’s 5-0 win over Tampa Bay. The perfect game was saved by Dewayne Wise’s thrilling home-run saving catch in center field in the 9th inning. In other non-amazing baseball news, Jarrod Washburn gave up only two hits over seven innings as the Mariners defeated the Tigers 2-1. Barry Zito also pitched well for the Giants, yielding only three hits in seven innings as San Francisco beat Atlanta 5-1. [ Scoreboard]

PGA Golf. Organizers for the Buick Open must have been thanking their lucky stars when they heard that Tiger Woods will play in their tournament this year. It wasn’t clear whether Tiger would play as he endorsement deal with Buick ended last year. [Reuters]

National Hockey League. Sergei Fedorov is suing a Michigan man for $43 million, claiming the man, whom Fedorov trusted to manage his money, swindled him out of the cash. In Soviet Russia, money embezzles you! Or something – it’s early. [The Detroit News]

I’ll give them something to plow! Wait, that’s not right. You know what I meant. We have already addressed how Indian farmers held a frog wedding in hopes of ending a horrible drought that is threatening this year’s crops. But I think these farmers might be getting on the right track with their latest idea: forcing their unwed daugthers to plow the fields naked in order to “embarass the gods” into bringing rain. According to Upendra Kumar, a villiage council official, “This is the most trusted social custom in the area and the villagers have vowed to continue this practice until it rains very heavily.” Yeah, right. I wish I could just make up shit, force women to take off all of their clothes and refer to it as a trusted social custom. “No, really. spring will never arrive unless you get naked, ladies.” And embarrassing the gods? How is that going to work? Couldn’t the gods just hold their Trapper Keepers over the crotches to avoid embarassment? Ah, maybe they don’t have Trapper Keepers in India. [Yahoo!/AP]