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New NHL Widgets On ESPN.Com Makes It Almost Seem Like ESPN Gives A Rat’s Ass About Hockey


Well slap me in the face and call me Sally! On the heels of by all accounts an incredibly dramatic week at tWWL, to put it mildly, those in charge of have made it all right again by launching some new NHL widgets for download. These are heady times, people!

You can now add the following widgets to your blog, Facebook page or to your Registered Sex Offender profile page!


  • NHL Top Story: Find out what Sidney Crosby did in last night’s game? Sid didn’t play? Find out what he did in the last game he played!


  • NHL Scoreboard: Let everyone who visits your site find out who won the Hartford Whalers-Quebec Nordiques tilt without even having to leave.


  • NHL Poll: Should ESPN’s NHL hockey aficionado John Buccigross listen to Pearl Jam or AC/DC on his iPod while he’s on the treadmill?


  • NHL Power Rankings: Should it go Pittsburgh Penguins No. 1 and Detroit Red Wings N0. 2 or vice versa? Who knows?


  • NHL Standings: Find out who’s on top of the Adams, Patrick, Norris and Smythe divisions from the comfort of your own blog!

I don’t have to tell you how this shows how much of a commitment ESPN is willing to make to all of you hockey fans out there. Just wait until they get NHL games back on ESPN in 15 years and finally figure out how to raise Tom Mees from the dead and it feel like old times once again.

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