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Maria Sharapova Is Back To One Hundred Percent, Completely Ready To Get Her Grunt On


Praise be to the tennis gods. Maria Sharapova believes that she is “a hundred per cent” and totally recovered from her surgically-repaired right shoulder and now is ready to kick ass and take names after a lackluster showing at Wimbledon.

Speaking at a World Team Tennis match for the Newport Beach Breakers in a match against the Kansas City team, where she won all three matches she played in, Sharapova now sets her sights on the U.S. Open, which begins August 31st.

“I mean, if I wasn’t at that point, I certainly wouldn’t be playing. That’s why I took my time and gave myself a chance to really go out there and to feel like I didn’t have any excuses.

“By no means was it easy. Definitely I had ups and downs,” she said. “I had days where I had to push myself more than I’ve ever had to mentally than physically.

“It all pays off. Obviously, just getting to be able to play tennis again is an achievement in itself. Now it’s about preparing myself, forgetting about what I went through, getting back into the form where I was – and even better.”

This is certainly good news for all tennis fans or internet perverts as well as internet perverts who happen to be tennis fans as well. And at the ripe old age of 22 (that’s like 50 in tennis years it seems), Sharapova is primed and ready to take back the number one ranking.

“At 22, you consider you’ve been playing on the Pro Tour that many years, (a comeback’s) definitely not a surprise,” she said. “It is a little surprising to see so many girls kind of coming out of the woodwork, and they’re so many years younger than you.

“You’re like, ‘Where did the time go?’

Indeed, Maria. Indeed. At least when she hits 25 and is washed up as far as competitive tennis is concerned, she will aways be able to fall back on a career as a model/socialite, as evidenced below.







Yeah, she’ll be fine.

You know, in light of everything that’s been going on lately, I’m not sure whether I should feel guilty or not for choosing to post photos of Maria Sharapova. It’s a tough call and as Punte pondered in a post over on With Leather, are we even making jokes about that yet?

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