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Stuff To Tune In To And Zone Out On For July 23rd

floydPGA Golf. Watch a replay/highlights of the first round of the RBC Canadian Open. You will probably at work all day and the Canadians could use a boost of confidence. [The Golf Channel, 8:30 ET]

MLB Baseball. Oakland Athletics at New York Yankees. Too bad Jason Giambi is on the disabled list, I’m sure there are some ladies in New York that would like to hit him up for the cost of their Valtrex prescriptions.  [MLB Network, 7:00 ET]

See what it’s like from the other side, pervs. Sex Workers or Victims. Is that an either/or question or multiple choice? [Oxygen, 10:00 ET]

The You Will Never Catch Me Wasting Time Watching This Movie Of The Night. The Fast and the Furious. Like I’m ever going to watch a documentary about competitive masturbating. That’s just weird, man. [FX, 8:00  ET]