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Breaking News: LeBron James Took Wood Shop In High School


Okay, to be honest, I cannot actually confirm it, but considering reports that in the book Shooting Stars,  LeBron admits to smoking weed as a junior in high school, how is even possible that he didn’t take wood shop? Slim to none, I’ll tell you that. He probably took metal shop, too, for all we know.

Shooting Stars, which is set to drop (see? I’m hip!) on September 8th, was written by James and Buzz Bissinger, a fact that never ceases to piss the shit out of me, narrates “James’ rise from Akron, Ohio, hoops prodigy to NBA superstar,” as well as how ” the SI cover and the media attention he and his high school teammates received was difficult to handle.”

But back to the whole weed smoking thing. Can you believe a student, an athlete no less, would take such a risk in high school as to smoke some marijuana? Don’t people watch “After School Specials” anymore? No one that I chose to associate in high school did such an irresponsible and immoral thing. Sheesh.

LeBron should just feel fortunate that he didn’t jump out of window like Helen Hunt did. No, that was really her, dude.

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