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(Yawn) How About If PETA Just Let Us Know When They Are Not Going To Protest Something?


Jesus Christ, why won’t these dumb self-righteous assbags just go away and die in a fire? PETA has learned that they haven’t completely exhausted the Michael Vick story and intend to ride him like a horse at the Kentucky Derby.


That’s right, it is now being reported that PETA may will definitely protest the NFL if Michael Vick does not undergo psychological testing before the league reinstates him. From The Huddle:

PETA spokesperson Nicole Matthews told WUSA-TV that the animal-rights group does not necessarily feel Vick is entitled to regain his spot in the NFL after serving 20 months of a sentence for a federal dogfighting conviction.

Oh dear! Another PETA protest? What ever shall the NFL do? And what will the psychological testing reveal? My guess is that results will show that Michael Vick is willing to do anything to be able to suckle at the wealth-giving teat of the National Football League again.

It has nearly reached the point that due to their insistence on protesting anything and everything animal-related that people are beginning to not listen, if they haven’t done so already. That’s why PETA has been forced to resort to using images of naked women in order to attract attention to their misguided cause.peta





Yeah, I hate to break it to you, unhinged, psychotic PETA members, but these images, while attractive, didn’t really convert me to your militant and distorted worldview. Instead, all I am now is horny and craving a cheeseburger. Maybe some rabbit stew.

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