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The City Of Grand Forks Doesn’t Want Any Damn Weed-Smoking Frolfers Stinking Up The Joint


Controversy like Grand Forks hasn’t seen since the only tree in the city was blown over in 1972 has reared its ugly head and it all has to do with the menacing, um, menace of a bunch of pot-smoking hippie frolfers invading their idyllic town for some drug-fueled disc golf tournament.

From a story in The Jamestown Sun via the excellent Waggle Room:

A controversial disc golf tournament planned in Grand Forks has received the blessing of the City Council.

The Frolf-a-Palooza event had raised worries because its original name included the phrase “4-2-0,” slang for smoking marijuana. Promoter Hugo Gomez said in this case the numbers meant something different but he agreed to change the name.

Now everyone on the Grand Forks City Council needs to find some way to chill out for a second, man. If there’s one dude you can trust to represent a perfectly legitimate (and drug free!) Frolf-a-Palooza in this topsy-turvy world, it’s someone named Hugo Gomez.

With the name change, the tournament will go on as planned August 14-16 and organizers have stated that tournament/festival/killer weed sesh will feature “games for children during the day, and musical entertainment the second night.” It would not be a stretch to guess that the musical entertainment will be the The String Cheese Incident, possibly Rusted Root.

It warrants mentioning that the only member on the City Council to vote against Frolf-a-Palooza was one Terry Bjerke, a man who once when told he was “harshing someone’s mellow,” insisted that to do so would be an impossibility given he hasn’t eatenĀ  S’mores since he was a child.

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