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That’s Just What We Need: Let’s Make Baseball Games Take Longer


In response to a controversial play at the end of Monday night’s game against the A’s where umpire Mike Muchlinski called out Michael Cuddyer at home plate when replays showed he was clearly safe, Ron Gardenhire referred to the heartbreaking loss where the Twins blew a 12-2 lead as the “red flag game.” In doing so, Gardenhire was referring to what every person who enjoys baseball games that take less than 3 1/2 hours should be wary of: a challenge flag in baseball, just like in the NFL.

“I’ve said all along that I want a red flag [like in the NFL,” Gardenhire said. “If you use it and you’re wrong, you don’t get to use it the rest of the game.

If you use it and you’re right, you get your red flag back and that would save a lot of money [for ejections].”

Currently, baseball only uses instant replay to verify whether a home run call was correct or incorrect and few see it as a likelihood that Major League Baseball would even consider expanding its role in the game. If it were implemented, all we would see is a lot more of this continuing to the point of ad nauseam:

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And nobody needs to see more of that going on. We all have shit to do, like look for Erin Andrews photos and videos, right?

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