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Wake N’ Blog For July 21st: Hey, When You Gotta Go, You Gottta Go And When You Gotta Smear, You Gotta Smear


MLB Roundup. After leading 12-2 heading into the bottom of the 3rd, the Twins gave up 3 in the bottom of 3rd, 2 in the 4th and 7 in the 7th to squander a comfortable lead and lose to the A’s 14-13. Raul Ibanez hit a three-run homer, Carlos Ruiz and Josh Howard both homered as the Phillies won their 9th straight, beating the Cubs 10-1. Hideki Matsui lined a 2-2 pitch into the seats in the bottom of the 9th to lead the Yankees to a 2-1 victory over the Orioles. []

College Football. The University of Iowa has signed head coach Kirk Ferentz to a seven-year contract, keeping the head coach with the school through the 2015 season. Ferentz will continue to make $3.02 million per season. [The Associated Press]

I guess people in Iowa just don’t understand modern art. 21-year-old Matthew J. Sodoma has been charged with criminal mischief after he took a shit on the sidewalk in Elgin, Iowa and then proceeded to smear said feces all over the door of the Valley Community Coalition. Sodoma was also charged with “defecating on a public sidewalk or building,” which is funny in its own right in that I never thought there actually needed to be a law on the books that says you shouldn’t shit on a public sidewalk or building. But hey, at least Sodoma appears pleased with his actions in the mug shot:

Extreme Mischief

Talk about a shit-eating grin. Or shit-taking grin, in this case. [Yahoo!/AP]