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The Morning Bowl (July 21st): ESPN Will Tell You What Stories Should Be Covered Dammit!

bowl-smoking• While it should come as no surprise that tWWL is not touching the Erin Andrews story (and perhaps rightfully so, to an extent), it is a bit odd that there has been nary a mention of The Ben Roethlisberger Situation. [Deadspin]

• Unsilent Majority’s keen observations on the Terrell Owens show. Spoiler Alert! He didn’t enjoy it. [Kissing Suzy Kolber]

• In a showdown between the careers of Michael Jordan and Tiger Woods, Charles Barkley would pick TW. [Awful Announcing]

• LeNoceur has the inside scoop on the next sideline reporter peephole video, and it ain’t pretty. [Melt Your Face Off]

• Business_Socks interviews Mike Shanahan. Here’s a tip: if you ever get the chance to interview the guy, it might be a good idea to address him as Mr. Shanahan. [Style Points]

• thederridadrop isn’t happy with the missed call at the plate from last night’s Oakland-Minnesota game and let’s umpire Mike Muchlinski know about it. [The Rookies]