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Kansas City Royals Outfielder Jose Guillen Needs A Stuart Smalley-Like Pep Talk


It’s been a trying year for Jose Guillen. After signing a 3-year, $36 million contract with Kansas City last December, it’s safe to say that the Royals expected a little more productivity out of their right fielder, who is currently hitting .243 with nine home runs and 37 RBI. Add in a slugging percentage of .371 with an OPS of .684 and one could argue that his season is on its way to being a complete bust for Guillen. And it’s safe to say that Guillen expects more out of himself as well – in fact, he thinks he sucks.

“I hate making excuses,” he said. “If I suck, then I suck. And I suck. That’s the way I’m playing. If you suck, you suck. You have to take responsibility in this game. Right now, that’s the way I feel.

“Yes, I suck.”

That sort of attitude ain’t going to get you anywhere, Jose! You need positivity with a capital ‘P’!

Unfortunately for him but amusing for us, Guillen wasn’t finished with his brutal self-analysis.

“I’m embarrassed by the money that I making,” Guillen said, “and playing the way I’ve been playing. I’ll swear that on my kids’ (lives). I feel very embarrassed.

“Sometimes, I feel I should take money out of my own pocket and buy tickets for every fan. Because you know what? For a $12 million man, these are not the numbers you should be expecting. I admit it. I’m not playing to my potential.”

To be fair to Guillen, he has been hampered by a sore left groin for a good chunk of the season and now has a sore left ankle after fouling a ball off his foot during Saturday’s game against the Rays.

“I know I’m not 100 percent,” he said. “I know the type of hitter I am. People know when I’m right, they know the type of hitter I am. Some of this stuff is fixable. So I’ll keep trying to get better.

“Some days, I feel it’s getting better, but some days, I feel I’m going backward. What can you do? You keep fighting. You’re a warrior. So keep trying. Hopefully, it gets better. I’m not going to make excuses.”

Ah yes. The warrior comparison. Comparing oneself to a warrior or a soldier always works out well for athletes. Right, Kellen Winslow?

One thing Guillen neglected to mention during his rant that is relelvant to his recent bout of suckitude:

He plays for the Royals.

Yeah, there’s always that.

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