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Fixing The TV Only Turns Into Sex In Jackie Treehorn Movies, Ben Roethlisberger

logjamminlogjammin1Ben Roethlisberger has been named in a civil suit in connection to an alleged sexual assault of one Andrea McNulty, an employee of Harrah’s, a hotel and casino in Reno. According to Pro Football Talk:

In the civil suit, which Cornwell confirms was served on Roethlisberger over the weekend and a copy of which our own Gregg Rosenthal has obtained, McNulty alleges that Roethlisberger asked her to come to his hotel room to fix the television, and that he thereafter forced her to have sex with him.

Roethlisberger faces one civil count of assault, one civil count of sexual assault and battery, one civil count of false imprisonment, one civil count of false pretenses, one civil count of fraud, and one civil count of intentonal infliction of emtional distress.

McNulty also claims that the coworkers named in the complaint thereafter defamed her by making allegedly false and inflammatory statements, and by allegedly serving as aiders and abettors of Roethlisberger’s alleged misconduct after the fact.

Whether or not her allegations prove to be true or a complete fabrication, these developments are certainly not good news for the star quarterback. Simply having your name involved in reports with the words “sexual assault” can do irreparable damage to a person’s life, career and livelihood.

Roethlisberger’s attorney, David Cornwell, vehemently denied the allegations:

“Ben has never sexually assaulted anyone; especially Andrea McNulty,” Cornwell said…”The timing of the lawsuit and the absence of a criminal complaint and a criminal investigation are the most compelling evidence of the absence of any criminal conduct…If an investigation is commenced, Ben will cooperate fully and Ben will be fully exonerated.”

Mike Florio of Pro Football Talk, who has been all over this story since it broke, obtained a copy of the complaint and states that the complaint contains “very specific allegations, which either helps prove that the event actually occurred — or which demonstrates that the plaintiff, Andrea McNulty, has a very active imagination.”

I recommend reading Florio’s entire account of what was contained in the complaint, but here’s the gist of it:

Roethlisberger showed her the television that was malfunctioning, located in suite’s bedroom.  Using the remote, she determined that there was no problem with the television or the sound system.

She claims that, as she tried to leave the room, Roethlisberger blocked her path, and that he “grabbed [her] and started to kiss her.”

She claims that she was “shocked and stunned that this previously friendly man, that appeared to be a gentleman in her previous contacts with him was suddenly preventing her from leaving, was assaulting and battering her.”

McNulty admits that she didn’t try to fight Roethlisberger, citing his size and strength.  She claims that she “communicated her objection and lack of consent,” and that he nevertheless began “fondling [her] through her dress and between her legs.”

She claims that he pushed her onto the bed, and despite her alleged protests he “pulled her underpants off and proceeded to penetrate her.”

McNulty claims that she told him, “You don’t want to do this.”  She also claims that she said, “Please don’t,” and that she told him she was not on any type of birth control.

She claims that he said in response, “Don’t worry, I’ll pull out,” which he ultimately did.

At that point, he allowed her to get off the bed.  McNulty claims that she went to the bathroom, and “tried to pull herself together.”  When she emerged, she claims that Roethlisberger asked, “There are cameras on this room, aren’t there?”

She responded by saying, “Yes, there are cameras everywhere.”

McNulty alleges that he then seem worried, and that his tone became “stern.”

“If anyone asks you, you fixed my television,” he allegedly said.  “You fixed my television.  Now go!”

Ugh. Not good. No matter the ultimate outcome, this isn’t going to end well for anybody involved. If it is determined that even some of the allegations are deemed accurate, Roethlisberger’s may have jeopardized his career due to his actions and we will be left to wonder how these players get to the point that they believe they can do whatever they want and are somehow above the law.

Oh yeah, I know why: because we worship them unconditionally and in doing so, we help them make boatloads of money.

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