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Only Four More Days And We Are Definitely Going To Know Brett Favre’s Future…Probably…Maybe

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According to a report filed by Senior Columinst Thomas George, sources close to Brett Favre have said that the quarterback will let the world know his plans regarding whether or not he is going to play this season for the Vikings by this Friday.

First of all, my mother always told me to never trust a man with two first names, so that’s one strike against you and your theory, Thomas George. Second, I could give a rat’s ass what these unnamed  “sources” say about Favre – ever since this whole debacle began, we have had sources saying one thing or another, frequently contradicting a statement previously made by someone else.

Third, he’s playing. There’s no doubt about it. Why anyone even bothers to speculate on this certainty at this point is a mystery to me. And you know what? We’ll be going through this same goddamn thing 12 months from now.

It’s never going to end.

Favre expected to decide on whether or not to join Vikings by Friday [ via Access Vikings]