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Everybody Hates David Beckham


The loyal fans of the Los Angeles Galaxy really let David Beckham have it during his first game back with the team after returning from a five month loan to a European club, waving anti-Beckham signs and booing him lustily throughout the team’s match against AC Milan. Evidently, the fans have been none too pleased with Beckham’s globe-trotting ways and it is more than likely that his teammate Landon Donovan’s harsh criticism helped fan the flames.

Things appeared to be at a tipping point when a fan had to be subdued after jumping out of the stands after Beckham provoked him by waving the fan over to him.  The man was ultimately arrested by Cal State Dominguez Hills police for trespassing.

“One of the guys was saying things that wasn’t very nice. It was stepping over the line. I said, ‘You need to calm down and come shake my hand,’ and he jumped over.”

Yeah, it is always a brilliant idea to suggest to a person who is screaming at you to approach you and come closer just to “shake hands.” Smooth move, Becks.

Nevertheless, I’m a bit confused by the sign shown in the above photo. I don’t know about anyone else but how does referring to Beckham as the father of modern psychology such a dig? “Go Home Freud?” That’s just weak.

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